Trying to catch your own errors is difficult!  That’s where my editing services come in to save the day.
I specialize in editing and writing content for small businesses and non-profit organizations.
But what kind of editing attention does my work need?  And what’s the difference between a copy editor and a proofreader, anyways?

I can help you figure that out, too.  

Check out my handy “Stages of Editing” cheat sheet below, or contact me today to chat about your project.

Stages of Editing:

Developmental editing – (aka structural editing); I help you assess and shape the material to improve the organization and content.  This is the big picture, first stage of the editing process.
Stylistic editing – While maintaining your authorial voice, I edit to help clarify meaning, ensure coherence and flow, and refine the language.
Copy editing – I ensure the correctness, accuracy, consistency, and completeness of your written document.  This is the stage of editing that most people think of when they hear the word editing; I carefully comb the manuscript for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and factual errors.
Proofreading – I examine the material in its final format to correct any remaining errors in both text and visual elements.  This is the all-important last stage of the editing process.
My writing services include:
  • web content
  • essay
  • brochure
  • blog post
  • email
  • social media post
I also offer writing services.  Need help finding the right words for your web site?  Are you developing a nonfiction piece and need help writing your table of contents? I would love to work with you!
What You Need to Know About Wage Garnishment

Soaring gas prices, staggering grocery bills, and sky-high interest rates are front and centre in our daily news.  According to Statistics Canada, the annual inflation rate hit 7.7% in May, the highest it’s been in almost forty years.  Albertans are struggling to make the metaphorical ends meet.  Those with children are even more concerned. 

Who is your photographer?

My name is Susanne Delgado, and photography is my passion.  Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, I feel blessed to have the stunning cityscapes, river valley trails, and Rocky Mountain vistas that we do for photo backdrops.  Do you have a picture in mind of the perfect family portrait?  If you can dream it, I can photograph it!